ONE STEP Powder Resin Wood Glue

ONE STEP Powder Resin is ready-mixed Urea Formaldehyde Resin, which only needs to be mixed with water prior to use. It does not require a hardener or hot press.

ONE STEP Powder Resin produces an excellent bond on porous and semi porous materials such as soft or hard wood, plywood, particle board, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Oriented Strand Board (OSB), parquet or wooden flooring, wooden furniture, and other wooden crafts.


  *Note: Specifications can also be adjusted upon customer request.


ONE STEP Powder Resin is very suitable and highly recommended for uses such as;

  • Production of wooden furniture and wooden handicrafts,
  • Doors, windows, and other builder's wood works,
  • Veneering, laminating, paneling, edge-gluing operations,
  • Wood flooring such as on dance floors and indoor basketball courts,
  • Carpentry and reparation of wooden products,
  • To be used to fill holes on wood, by simply adding saw dust.



Usage of ONE STEP Powder Resin brings the advantages of;

  • It produces a strong and highly water resistant bond;
  • Unlike commonly used PVA-based adhesives (white glues), ONE STEP Powder Resin does not shrink when cured. Therefore it does not produce hollow contact points between glued surfaces. Thus it is best for wooden flooring application to create solid contact to the floor;
  • When cured, the glued points are easy to sand, and can be painted or varnished;
  • ONE STEP Powder Resin is unaffected by molds, fungi, bacteria, oil, gasoline, and solvents;
  • Being formulated with special pre-blend filler with natural wood color. Holes, gaps or uneven surfaces on wood are filled or covered easily and seamlessly. ONE STEP Powder Resin can also be mixed with saw dust to be used as filler on larger gaps. This also makes the wood more resistant to termites;
  • ONE STEP Powder Resin is water-based. So equipments used in application process are easy to clean or maintain before the resin cures in 1 hour. The resin stabilizes and fully hardens within 5 hours);
  • Being in powder form, ONE STEP Powder Resin is convenient to carry and most suitable for occasions when work schedule and volume is unpredictable;
  • ONE STEP Powder Resin is non-flammable, and has up to nine months of storage life in closed environment with temperature below 30°C;
  • ONE STEP Powder Resin needs only easy and simple preparation. This is ideal where inexperienced personnel are responsible for mixing the adhesive or where mixing equipments are limited.
  • ONE STEP Powder Resin can also be used for both hot and cold pressing operation.
  • ONE STEP Powder Resin complies with Federal Specifications MMM-A-188b Type II qualification.




Pour ONE STEP Powder Resin on a suitable container. To avoid waste, mix only sufficient amount for 1 hour use and add water. Recommended ratio by weight is 10kg ONE STEP Powder Resin to 5L water. Ratio by volume is 3 parts of ONE STEP Powder Resin to 1 part of water.


Stir thoroughly until the mixture becomes a smooth paste free of lumps. 



Use brush or piece of wood to spread glue mixture thinly on the surface, just one side is enough. Make sure the surfaces are clean, free from moisture, grease or dust.


Clamp or press while the glue mixture is still wet or tacky and let a little glue squeeze-out from the joint upon pressing to indicate adequate glue spread. Wipe out excess glue with cloth before it dries. Clean all tools, equipment and containers with warm water well within 1 hour after mixing.


Clamp under pressure while glue is still wet for 4-5 hours for soft wood and 6-8 hours for hard wood, at 30°C room temperature. Longer time is needed for lower room temperature. Maximum bonding strength will be achieved after 4-5 days of application.


  • Expired or damaged ONE STEP Powder Resin product powder should not be used or mixed with fresh new powder (not expired). (see storage info below).
  • Do not mix fresh new ONE STEP Powder Resin powder with ONE STEP Powder Resin leftover mixture (almost cured). This action will create lumps, uneven curing, and will weaken the bonding strength or even cause total failure.
  • Any glue on wood surface should be cleaned before it gels within 1 hour, or it will be irremovable.
  • Avoid the product being eaten or swallowed. Keep away from children.

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Handicrafts can be carved from ONE STEP Powder Resin

Furniture manufacturing, such as joining the furniture legs, fingers or long limbs, and also repairs by rejoining broken parts

Suitable for heavy duty flooring, such as on indoor basketball courts, dancing floors, and other crowded indoor public facilities.



Specific for wooden flooring applications, there are also the general guidelines as follows;

  • Make sure that the floor is of even surface;
  • Clean the floor from dust and grease before applying any wooden flooring;
  • Prepare ONE STEP Powder Resin glue mix amounting to just enough for 30-45 minutes work. Do not mix any curing left-over glue mix with new powder as this will weaken bonding strength.
  • Apply ONE STEP Powder Resin glue mix on the wood and place it on the floor. Press with hand and let the glue squeeze out from the glue joints to ensure solid contact with the floor.
  • Clean up all remaining glue and glue stains on the wood surface before they cure in one hour with wet cloth or sponge and soap.

Heavy duty hard wood flooring application



Any remaining ONE STEP Powder Resin glue stain on the wood floor surface after curing time will harden permanently. Removing the hardened glue stain will damage the wood floor surface.

When ONE STEP Powder Resin wood glue is used on wooden flooring application, unlike PVAC (white glue), ONE STEP Powder Resin will not shrink and become hollow when it cures and dries because it has very minimum shrinkage. The wood floor will become more solid and stable, without any problem of insect or bacteria growing inside its hollows or trapping water and moisture inside it.




These blocks of hard wood were glued together and pulled by two trucks from opposite directions. This action resulted in total wood and metal bracket failure, but the glue joint still stays undamaged.

The test was carried out by bonding together two pieces of 3"x1" wood over 1"x1" surface. It is then pulled apart to determine the bonding strength (kg/inch2) of the glue joint and wood percentage of failure.

The test result shows that the glue joint is stronger the wood strength itself. It could easily take up to 45 kg/inch2 on hard wood.



ONE STEP Powder Resin is a non-flammable compare to other wood glue.



PT Intanwijaya Internasional Tbk produces ONE STEP Powder Resin wood glue in the following packages;

Packing 250gPacked in plastic bottle complete with inner airtight lid and heat shrink wrap
 500gPacked in plastic pail complete with airtight lid 
 1kgPacked in carton with double inner polyethylene liner, heat seal
 25kgPacked in woven polypropylene bags (WWP bag) or paper bag carton with double inner polyethylene liner, heat seal
10-18MT20 FT Container (content depend on packing of product), with additional wooden support inside the container
Handling No Hook, stow away from heat and humidity.



  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sun light, heat and moisture because they will cause ONE STEP Powder Resin to harden and it will become useless.
  • In cases where there is left over ONE STEP Powder Resin, keep it in secure air tight bag to avoid exposure of Powder Resin to open air and moisture.
  • In the original sealed packaging at 30°C ONE STEP Powder Resin has a storage life of approximate 9 months.
  • The maximum storage life is attained when ONE STEP Powder Resin is stored under dry and cool conditions (below 30°C)
  • ONE STEP Powder Resin should always be protected from high temperature and high atmospheric humidity.



For more information on ONE STEP Powder Resin, please watch this demo video 


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